SkillReactor's Developer Survey 2024 Reveals an AI Paradox for Coders

SkillReactor's Developer Survey 2024 Reveals an AI Paradox f...

London, United Kingdom, 7th Mar 2024 - SkillReactor, a project-first developer upskilling platform, has released insights from its Developer Survey 2024, shedding light on the dynamic landscape of the tech industry. The survey report reveals a fascinating paradox: A substantial 72% of respondents expressed apprehension regarding job security due to AI. But still an astounding 87% of respondents actively incorporate AI tools in their development work, indicating a reliance on AI for coding and problem-solving.Embracing AI for Developer EfficiencyThis trend underscores the transformative potential of Generative AI in the development landscape. Despite apprehensions about job security, developers recognize the power and usefulness of AI-driven tools. Moreover, this reliance on AI suggests a shift towards leveraging technology to streamline workflows and enhance productivity.Rather than viewing AI as a threat to job security, they can harness it as a tool for brainstorming, problem-solving, and overall efficiency, freeing up bandwidth for creating more complex and creative software solutions.Nurturing Human-AI Synergy for EmployersAs developers increasingly incorporate AI tools, it becomes essential for employers to align internal processes and optimise their organisational efficiency by integrating AI into internal workflows and streamlining development processes.This transition also underscores a need for a paradigm shift in hiring strategies. With developers utilising AI for routine tasks, employers must prioritise skills that complement AI capabilities. Beyond traditional coding expertise, hiring decisions may emphasise qualities such as creative problem-solving, critical thinking, and the ability to navigate complex, unstructured challenges. To read the full report, click here.About SkillReactor:SkillReactor is a leading ed-tech platform based in the UK that has redefined learning for software developers with its distinctive project-first approach. Since its establishment in 2021, SkillReactor has benefitted over 20,000 users, providing them with invaluable real-world project experience and helping them successfully advance in their careers. Media Contact Organization: SkillReactor Contact Person: Media Relations Website: Email: Send Email City: London Country:United Kingdom Release id:10300 The post SkillReactor's Developer Survey 2024 Reveals an AI Paradox for Coders appeared first on King Newswire. It is provided by a third-party content provider. King Newswire makes no warranties or representations in connection with it.

GiftShire Inc. Presents a Unique Digital Marketplace for Personalized Gifts.

GiftShire Inc. Presents a Unique Digital Marketplace for Per...

  Placentia, California, United States, 4th May 2024 – Finding the perfect gift just got easier with GiftShire Inc., the premier destination for personalized presents and experiences. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, GiftShire proudly offers a diverse range of customizable gifts for every occasion. In today’s fast-paced world, finding a meaningful gift can often be a challenge. At GiftShire, we understand the importance of thoughtful gestures, which is why we strive to provide a seamless shopping experience where customers can discover unique gifts tailored to their loved ones’ interests and personalities. “Gift giving is more than just exchanging presents; it’s about creating lasting memories and expressing heartfelt sentiments,” says Ozkurt Cihan Yildiz, founder of GiftShire Inc. “Our mission is to make every moment special by offering personalized gifts that resonate with both the giver and the recipient.” From birthdays and anniversaries to weddings and housewarmings, GiftShire has curated a selection of personalized gifts that are sure to delight. Customers can explore a wide range of options, including custom tumblers adorned with endearing messages, matching T-shirts for first-time parents, and elegant decanter sets for the discerning connoisseur. “At GiftShire, we believe that every gift should tell a story and reflect the giver’s thoughtfulness,” adds Yildiz. “That’s why we offer a variety of customization options, from laser engraving to sublimation heat press, ensuring that each gift is truly one-of-a-kind.” In addition to its extensive collection of personalized gifts, GiftShire is committed to sustainability and eco-friendliness. By using durable materials and expert craftsmanship, GiftShire creates gifts that not only meet customer expectations but also minimize environmental impact. “At GiftShire, we strive to uphold the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship,” says Yildiz. “Our team of skilled artisans takes pride in creating gifts that are not only beautiful but also environmentally responsible.” GiftShire’s dedication to customer satisfaction extends beyond its product offerings. The company provides personalized assistance to ensure that every customer finds the perfect gift for their needs and budget. Whether it’s a special occasion or a spontaneous gesture of appreciation, GiftShire is there to help make every moment memorable. To explore GiftShire’s wide selection of personalized gifts and accessories, visit their website at For inspiration and updates, follow GiftShire on Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. For media inquiries, please contact: Ozkurt Cihan Yildiz Founder, GiftShire Inc. Email: About GiftShire Inc.: GiftShire Inc. is a leading provider of personalized gifts and accessories. With a focus on quality, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction, GiftShire offers a diverse range of customizable gifts for every occasion. From birthdays and weddings to housewarmings and holidays, GiftShire helps customers celebrate life’s special moments with meaningful and memorable gifts. Media Contact Organization: GiftShire Inc. Contact Person: Ozkurt Cihan Yildiz Website: Email: Send Email City: Placentia State: California Country: United States Release Id: 04052411718 The post GiftShire Inc. Presents a Unique Digital Marketplace for Personalized Gifts. appeared first on King NewsWire. It is provided by a third-party content provider. King Newswire makes no warranties or representations in connection with it.

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The Ethical Side of Cryptocurrency: How SHIT Coin Stands Out

The Ethical Side of Cryptocurrency: How SHIT Coin...

Singapore, 15th Jul 2024, King NewsWire - In a world where cryptocurrencies often spark controversy and skepticism, SHIT Coin on Solana at emerges as a breath of fresh air. It's not just another digital asset in the vast sea of blockchain technology; it is a beacon of ethical innovation, aimed at fostering social responsibility and community support. Amidst the environmental and financial concerns that plague the cryptocurrency landscape, SHIT Coin sets itself apart with a mission that touches the heart and soul of humanity.Most cryptocurrencies face criticism for their substantial environmental footprint and the purely monetary motivations behind them. The high energy consumption of mining operations, coupled with the speculative nature of these digital assets, often leads to significant financial losses for individuals who lack the resources or knowledge to navigate this complex market. The result is a space that feels exclusive and inaccessible, benefiting only a privileged few. However, SHIT Coin is different.Born from the creative minds of a passionate team of students, SHIT Coin transcends the typical boundaries of digital currency. It is not just a meme coin or a tool for financial gain; it is a meta coin and a soul coin, promising to deliver a unique emotional experience to its holders. Its purpose is deeply rooted in ethics and the greater good of humanity. SHIT Coin is designed to spread positive energy and foster a sense of community.SHIT Coin encourages individuals to "get rid of the SHIT" in their lives by sending SHIT to others as a form of reward and destressing. The principle is simple yet profound: the more SHIT you give, the more SHIT you receive. In this ecosystem, giving is caring, and giving is receiving. Despite its playful name, SHIT Coin is about spreading kindness and creating a world where people support one another.The utility of SHIT Coin extends beyond digital transactions. It offers tangible benefits to productivity and society by harnessing the collective emotional energy of its holders. Through the GiveAShit community on Reddit, individuals can openly discuss the challenges and "shitty" things they encounter in daily life. This platform allows people to support one another, share their burdens, and find solace in knowing they are not alone. It is a space where kindness is rewarded, and empathy is the currency.SHIT Coin stands as a pioneer in ethical cryptocurrency, addressing issues like stress and anxiety in a way that no other token has before. Its mission is to alleviate these problems, making it a positive and ethical way to engage with digital currency. It aims to inspire others to use technology for the greater good, fostering a culture of altruism and community support. With SHIT Coin, blockchain technology becomes a force for positivity, spreading its warm light to every corner of the earth. Media Contact Organization: Techno Edge Ltd Contact Person: Sofia Brown Website: Email: Send Email Country:Singapore Release id:14283 The post The Ethical Side of Cryptocurrency: How SHIT Coin Stands Out appeared first on King Newswire. It is provided by a third-party content provider. King Newswire makes no warranties or representations in connection with it.

Visa Information For Turkey Visa Application Process For Vietnam, Jamaica, Pakistan, Australian, Solomon Island Citizens

Visa Information For Turkey Visa Application Proce...

United States, 14th Jul 2024 - TURKEY VISA FOR VIETNAM CITIZENS: Vietnamese citizens and residents who are considering a brief trip to Turkey can submit their visa applications via the internet. Currently, the Turkish government is issuing electronic visas to citizens of over 100 countries, including Vietnam. In 2013, the Turkish government implemented the e-Visa, a digital travel permit. People holding Turkish e-Visas can enter Turkey for tourism or business reasons. Citizens of Vietnam can choose to obtain a Turkish e-Visa, known as an e-Tourist Visa. The visa allows Vietnamese citizens to stay in the country for up to 30 days in one go, starting from the date of entry, with a validity period of 180 days. Those wanting to travel to Turkey for purposes such as employment or education should submit their applications at a Turkish embassy or consulate. Applicants from Turkey e-Visa approved nations must fill out an online eVisa application form with personal information and passport information in order to visit the country for tourist, business, or transit purposes. The visa application form for Turkey is simple. You can apply for a Turkey visa from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet-connected device.TURKISH VISA REQUIREMENTS FOR CITIZENS OF VIETNAMA passport valid for at least 150 days after the date of arrival in Turkey.A valid Email address where notifications and the approved e-Visa will be sent.You can use a Debit or credit card to pay for the Turkish visa fees.TURKEY VISA FOR SOLOMON ISLAND CITIZENSTurkey has a rich cultural and historical heritage, as well as breathtaking natural landscapes that will awe first-time tourists. Many individuals in Solomon Islands are keen to visit Turkey in the near future to enjoy the friendly locals, beautiful views, and amazing architecture, while also trying a hot air balloon ride over the captivating countryside. Travelers from Turkey going to the Solomon Islands must obtain a visa because Turkey does not have an agreement with the Solomon Islands for visa-free travel. The Turkey e-Visa was first implemented by the Turkish government in 2013. Residents of more than 100 countries can obtain this travel document online to enter Turkey. The Turkish e-visa is still effective for 180 days from the date of entry. Consequently, tourists have the option of entering Turkey at any point within that timeframe. Visitors from the Solomon Islands can stay in Turkey for up to 30 days and can only enter the nation once. Solomon Island nationals can visit Turkey for tourism, sightseeing, or short-term business trips with a Turkey tourist visa. Other types of visas, such as work and student visas, necessitate contacting the Turkey Embassy in Solomon Islands. Citizens of the Solomon Islands can apply for a Turkish visa from the Solomon Islands or from any location with an internet connection.TURKEY VISA REQUIREMENTS FOR SOLOMON ISLANDS CITIZENSA valid passport with an expiration date of at least 6 months from the date you intend to enter Turkey.A complete passport scans.A valid email address where notifications and the e-Visa will be sent.You can use a Credit/Debit card for paying the visa fees.TURKEY VISA FOR JAMAICA CITIZENSJamaicans wanting to travel to Turkey can now conveniently apply for a Turkey e-Visa online. Unlike some countries, Jamaica does not receive special treatment with visa rules; however, the Turkish government has simplified the process for Jamaican nationals. This electronic visa allows for multiple trips to Turkey, each lasting up to 90 days, within a 180-day period from the date of entry. Jamaicans can easily apply for an e-Visa through a straightforward process, enabling them to secure a visa for various purposes such as travel, business, transit, or medical reasons. Say goodbye to the old "sticker visa" and embrace a faster and more efficient way to enter Turkey. Travelers who want to visit Turkey for other reasons, such as work or study, should apply at a Turkish embassy or consulate. This is possible thanks to the electronic visa system that this country has recently activated. The Turkey visa application form is simple. Citizens of Jamaica can apply for a visa to Turkey from anywhere in the world as long as you have a device with an internet connection.Turkish Visa Requirements for Citizens of JamaicaPassport: this is a mandatory document when you travel, so you cannot forget about it. Plus, you’ll have to scan the information page once you apply online.E-mail address: your Turkey eVisa will be linked to your passport electronically, but we always recommend having a copy just in case. That’s why you have to offer a valid email address, to receive the PDF file and other important tips via email inbox.Means of payment: before submitting your application, you’ll have to pay for your visa. You can do that using a credit or a debit card. Moreover, if you have a PayPal account as many people do nowadays, you can use that too.Turkey Visa for Australian CitizensAustralians are required to get a visa in order to visit Turkey. Australians planning a trip to Turkey must begin by applying for a Turkey e-Visa on the internet. In order to obtain this travel permit, applicants must meet the requirements for the Turkey e-Visa for Australians. Australia is one of approximately 100 countries that can get a Turkey e-Visa online, allowing Australian passport holders to enter Turkey without visiting a Turkish embassy or consulate. The eVisa program was launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey in 2013. Australian citizens are permitted to remain for up to 90 days within this arrangement. Australian citizens have the option to secure a Turkish Electronic Visa (e-Visa) online for travel authorization. This is the quickest and most straightforward method to obtain authorization to enter Turkey. During this time, it can be used for numerous entrances as well as transit via Turkey. As the Turkey e-Visa is electronically linked to the applicant's Australian passport once approved, the same passport must be presented upon entry into Turkey. The eVisa system allows Australians to apply for an Essential Entry Permit in minutes. There is no need to go to the embassy when applying for Turkey visa online from Australia. Australian eVisa applicants are not required to present any documents in person at the Turkish Embassy. All information is transmitted electronically. Requirements of Turkey Visa for Australian citizensA valid Australian passport valid for 150 days beyond the date of arrival.You can use a Debit or credit card to pay for the Turkey visa fees.A valid Email address to receive the visa approval and other notifications in their Inbox.TURKEY VISA FOR PAKISTAN CITIZENSPrior to visiting Turkey, individuals with Pakistani passports should consider preparing for a tourist visa beforehand and organizing their travel plans, accommodations, and lodging. Citizens of Pakistan must acquire a visa for their trip to Turkey because their country is not among those exempt from visa requirements. Thanks to the new visa policy, Pakistanis now find it much simpler to enter Turkey than before. The Turkey online visa, implemented in 2013 as single-entry or multiple-entry options, allows visitors to spend 30 or 90 days in the country, depending on their nationality. A Turkey e-Visa is generally valid for a period of 180 days from the date it is issued. The Turkish e-Visa, introduced as a replacement for the traditional sticker visa, strives to make the visa application process easier and decrease the time travelers spend on getting visas and entering Turkey. Citizens who plan to visit Turkey for leisure or business (trade) can apply for an e-Visa. Those who want to visit Turkey for other reasons, such as work or study, must make an application through a Turkish embassy or consulate. Pakistanis can easily apply for the Turkey e-Visa by filling out an online form. The Turkish e-Visa can be completed using a mobile device, computer or tablet. All Pakistani applicants need is an internet connection and their passport number at hand. VISA REQUIREMENTS FOR CITIZENS OF PAKISTANA valid passport – The only passport requirement for obtaining a Turkey visa from Pakistan is to have a Pakistani passport that is valid for at least 3 months from the date of entry into Turkey.An email address – A valid email address is mandatory in order for applicants to receive news about the status of their Turkish electronic visa and its eventual approval.A payment method – Finally, a valid form of payment, such as a debit card or credit card, is required to pay for the visa fee. Media Contact Organization: TurkeyVisa Contact Person: Ginto Perathu Melisa Website: Email: Send Email Country:United States Release id:14252 The post Visa Information For Turkey Visa Application Process For Vietnam, Jamaica, Pakistan, Australian, Solomon Island Citizens appeared first on King Newswire. It is provided by a third-party content provider. King Newswire makes no warranties or representations in connection with it.

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Renowned Blockchain Regulatory Information Query Platform Wi...

Hong Kong, China, 10th Jul 2024 - Amidst the wave of the digital economy, WikiBit, as an excellent blockchain regulatory information query platform, has officially become a member of the British Blockchain Association (BBA). Leveraging its multi-dimensional public data accumulated from years of deep industry engagement, WikiBit provides all-in-one information query services to over 10 million users in more than 170 countries and regions worldwide with its robust technical capabilities and professional service team. Committed to offering the most comprehensive, accurate, and latest information support, WikiBit aids users in safely investing in the blockchain industry. As a member of the British Blockchain Association, WikiBit will further enhance its information regulatory service advantages, helping investors find the most suitable blockchain trading projects and platforms. The BBA is the UK’s first national organization that encourages and promotes the adoption of blockchain technology across the public sector, private sector, and the third sector. It is one of the world’s largest blockchain associations, dedicated to driving blockchain innovation and application. The association brings together globally top-tier blockchain industry think tanks, with members spanning six continents, boasting strong industry influence and resource networks. WikiBit’s inclusion will inject new vitality into the association, collectively promoting the healthy development of the blockchain industry with its powerful blockchain regulatory information query services. Professor Naseem Naqvi, founder and chairman of the BBA, has stated, “The swelling ranks of partners and members from around the world are joining us. We aim to connect governments, academics, businesses, startups, investors, and venture capitalists to drive the adoption of blockchain technology in the UK.” Additionally, as a member, WikiBit will actively participate in the BBA’s Global Universities Forum (BBA SF) and engage in deep collaborations with universities and research institutions to together drive blockchain technology innovation and application by way of utilizing its blockchain regulatory information database. Looking ahead, WikiBit is poised to host exhibitions in Europe, and the BBA as a co-organizer will fully support WikiBit’s growth in the European region. Meanwhile, WikiBit will continue to collect professional data and other information on the global blockchain industry, providing users with more comprehensive, accurate, and transparent blockchain regulatory information query services. The renowned blockchain regulatory information query platform WikiBit has officially joined the British Blockchain Association (BBA). It will initiate in-depth collaboration between the two parties in multiple fields, such as technology development and talent cultivation to jointly drive blockchain technology innovation and application, explore the latest developments in blockchain technology, and improve the standards of regulatory information query services. In the meantime, both parties will join hands to develop more efficient and secure solutions, providing strong support for the healthy development of the industry.  Media Contact Organization: WIKIBIT CO. LTD Contact Person: Bob Website: Email: Address:Hong Kong, China City: Hong Kong Country:China Release id:14074

Renowned Blockchain Regulatory Information Query Platform WikiBit Officially Joins the British Blockchain Association!

Discover the Future of Blockchain with BSCSCANVALI

Quebec, Canada, 5th Jul 2024 - BSCSCANVALI is revolutionizing blockchain infrastructure with its advanced validation technology, ensuring the highest standards of network security and efficiency. Operating at the heart of the Binance Smart Chain, BSCSCANVALI supports the integrity of the blockchain by validating and creating new transaction blocks through a robust Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism.Validators are essential to blockchain functionality, and BSCSCANVALI offers a streamlined process for users to become validators. By staking a specific amount of tokens, users can participate in the network and earn rewards for their contributions. Unlike traditional Proof of Work (PoW) systems, PoS validators verify transaction validity and authenticate new blocks without the need for high energy consumption.Key Features:Real-time transaction verificationComprehensive blockchain analyticsUser-friendly interface for all skill levelsValidation Process:Transaction Receipt: Validators are randomly selected to validate transactions.Validity Check: Validators confirm transaction details, including the sender's signature and token amount.New Block Proposal: Valid transactions are recorded into a new block, authenticated by the validator's signature, and sent to other network validators.Data Synchronization: Validators update their blockchain copies to ensure consensus.Completion and Reward: Finalized transactions result in validators earning rewards through Gas fees.PoW vs. PoS: Proof of Stake (PoS) offers several advantages over the outdated Proof of Work (PoW) mechanism:Efficiency: Reduces energy consumption by staking tokens instead of using computing power.Security: Minimizes cybersecurity risks by making attacks less profitable.Scalability and Decentralization: Enhances network scalability and transparency.BSCSCANVALI aims to promote global monetary freedom and financial autonomy by encouraging participation in the validation process. With its dedicated infrastructure services, BSCSCANVALI ensures fast, safe, and reputable transactions on the Binance Smart Chain.BSCSCANVALI Tokenomics:Token Name: Validator CoinTicker: VALBlockchain: BEP 20Consensus: Proof of Stake (PoS)Token Type: Governance TokenSmart Contract: 0xea9a02B64828222ceb0E98D667908337c4ad31a7Total Supply: 500,000,000 VALCirculating Supply: 379,000,000 VALBy leveraging the strengths of the PoS consensus mechanism, BSCSCANVALI is set to advance the global cryptocurrency ecosystem, delivering maximum value to investors and fostering financial freedom worldwide.For more information, visit BSCSCANVALI website. Stay updated with the latest news and announcements by following BSCSCANVALI on : Twitter: Telegram Channel: Telegram Group:    Media Contact Organization: BSCSCANVALI Contact Person: Mr. Pawel Balcerzak Website: Email: Send Email City: Quebec Country:Canada Release id:13906 The post Discover the Future of Blockchain with BSCSCANVALI appeared first on King Newswire. It is provided by a third-party content provider. King Newswire makes no warranties or representations in connection with it.

Discover the Future of Blockchain with BSCSCANVALI

Vshow Vape: Setting New Standards in Electronic Cigarette In...

United States, 4th Feb 2024 - Established to offer premium electronic vaping devices, VSHOW has made a notable imprint in the online marketplace through its website, This platform reflects the brand's unwavering commitment to superior quality and constant pursuit of excellence. At the core of VSHOW’s philosophy lies an enduring dedication to enhancing user experience, ensuring that every product aligns with the highest standards of reliability and performance.PNTU Technology: The Foundation of VSHOW's InnovationThe inception of VSHOW is closely intertwined with the establishment of PNTU Technology in 2020. Located in the Greater Bay Area, often acclaimed as the "Silicon Valley of the East," this foundation has been pivotal in shaping the brand's path. The founders and the management team, equipped with extensive experience in the electronic cigarette industry and a global perspective, have been instrumental in steering VSHOW towards distinctive frontiers. Their collective expertise has been the driving force behind the brand's pioneering advancements.Innovation and Diversity: The Hallmarks of VSHOW’s ProductsVSHOW’s expansive product range, encompassing state-of-the-art vaporizers, e-cigarettes, and a variety of accessories, stands as a testament to the brand's innovative spirit. The company has consistently focused on integrating cutting-edge technology and securing patents to stay ahead in a competitive market. This dedication to innovation is particularly evident in the development of new products with unique, delicate, and innovative flavors. The high-quality vape juice and distinctive formulas behind these flavors are key to consumer repurchase and loyalty, reflecting VSHOW's strong capabilities in research and development and innovation in product offerings. Manufacturing Excellence: The Cornerstone of VSHOW's SuccessAt the heart of VSHOW's manufacturing prowess is its new garden-style factory, supplemented by a medical-grade workshop. Spanning an impressive 33,000 square meters, with a built-up area of 43,300 square meters, this facility is a symbol of the brand's commitment to quality. Housing over 5,000 employees, it boasts an annual output value of approximately 41.6 billion RMB, underlining VSHOW's position as a leader in the industry.VSHOW's Mission: Enhancing Health with High-Standard EquipmentVSHOW is deeply rooted in its mission to protect and enhance health through its high-standard electronic vaping devices. This commitment is evident in the company's relentless pursuit of blending creativity with technology in product development. Each device is crafted with the consumer's health and safety in mind, ensuring that VSHOW's offerings are not only technologically advanced but also adhere to the highest health standards. Visionary Leadership in Electronic DevicesVSHOW's vision in the electronic device industry is clear - to be a frontrunner in the manufacturing sector. The brand aims to revolutionize the lifestyle of its users by offering products that are both distinctive and health-conscious. This vision is rooted in the belief that technology can and should be used to enhance the wellbeing of individuals, making VSHOW a catalyst for positive lifestyle changes.Core Values and Future ProspectsAt the heart of VSHOW's ethos are core values that emphasize a healthy and futuristic lifestyle. These values guide every decision and innovation, ensuring that each product not only meets current needs but also anticipates future trends. Looking ahead, VSHOW is committed to continuing its legacy of excellence, innovation, and dedication to health, aspiring to set new benchmarks in the industry and positively impact lives worldwide. Media Contact Organization: PNTU INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL CO.,LIMITED Contact Person: Arvin Website: Email: Send Email Country:United States Release id:9481 The post Vshow Vape: Setting New Standards in Electronic Cigarette Industry appeared first on King Newswire. It is provided by a third-party content provider. King Newswire makes no warranties or representations in connection with it.

Vshow Vape: Setting New Standards in Electronic Cigarette Industry

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